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About Us

“We are a passionate team delivering creative solutions”

At Sennight, we are a team of curious individuals with a strong sense of community. Each of us brings in a unique skill set to help our customers with technological solutions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver creative solutions for all the hurdles faced by our customers.

We take our pride in not only delivering customer fit solutions but to provide the service with joy, passion, pride and satisfaction.

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Who We Are

Our Values

“Sen-night” is the keyword to our brand and what we believe in and our values revolve around helping businesses throughout the clock.
We believe that in this fast-paced technological world, there is one constant: Our four core values.


Passion is our internal motivator. We at Sennight love what we do, love digital marketing and technology consulting. We greet new challenges and problems with great excitement which provides quality service to our clients


We will take you along the journey to achieving the best results. Along the journey, there will always be clarity of direction, roles, and accountability.
As we hope to build strong relationships with our customers.


At Sennight, Community is the core of all values. We believe that by building an effective local community, we foster innovation. This can then help in building innovative solutions to complex problems. 


We value sharing knowledge and experience from the past to better our future both internally and with clients. We hope that this helps in not only building our organisation but also the community.


What do we want?

We don’t just want to do mediocre.

We want to bring the community to be one.

Let us help you grow your business and help bring the community together to support each other.

What sets us apart


We at Sennight are genuinely curious about your business and dive deep beyond the surface, shifting past “what” or “when” to “how” and “why”.

Curiosity helps fuel our strategies and motivates us to keep learning


We continually challenge ourselves to produce original ideas that add value to the client. Our team of creative minds help generate unique concepts that give confidence to the client to make a positive difference.


Complex projects require a suitable strategy and we as Sennight are here to help you with your project and to produce the best possible strategy to execute.


Excellence in execution is always intentional. We will support you from the very start to the end as we love to see the growth of your brand/organisation. We will not just leave you with the plan as we want to join along in your journey too.